I started working for myself in January, and work has been few and far between.

I’ve always wanted to work for myself, and now I’m working on a product I’m actually going to sell *gulp*

It’s not ready yet, but I’ll definitely be posting here about it when it’s ready to go :D

It’s going to be a super simple (Windows to start) screenshotting tool (and relevant cloud services) primarily focussed on devs / IT professionals and their needs.

Sound off for feature requests 👍

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    May I ask who do you expect to pay for a tool which takes screenshits and presumably uploads it somewhere when there are plenty of open-source alternatives?
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    @visudo not going to edit the typo, though. Sorry.
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    @visudo I think the differentiating factor is going to be particular features, and it’s certainly not going to be expensive.

    The app will most likely be free, and come with a free option, but I’m figuring something in the region of £1 ($1-2) a month for about 1gb storage.

    It’s definitely not going to just be a “take a screenshot and upload” type tool, I’m thinking of features like:

    > digital watermarking
    > end to end encryption for user>user access
    > step journaling
    > gif recording

    And hopefully a bunch more cool stuff.
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    @Brolls great, good luck then. Looking forward to try it out someday.
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