Need some project ideas to develop for fun. Any ideas? I am open to projects in diverse fields.

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    A web scraper.
    I find these very interesting.
    DB Integration should be included.
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    Make an (portable) bumblebee configurator with support for hardware acceleration.
    Or is your fun not defined by smashing your head against a wall? 😅
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    ToDo App (Oldie but Goodie)
    Chat App
    Own Spotify App
    Notetaking Software
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    Reimagined devrant app.
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    Just start something. Setup the structure. Work a bit. Stop it. Just like every fun project that will never be finished. Or maybe it's only me 😋
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    How diverse a field are we talking here? Are you open to project ideas around teaching underprivileged animals to calculate the combined mass of a binary star system using only contemporary dance and a squeeky toy, or are you looking for something a little more 'programmy'?
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