I'm a student at a cyber education program. They taught us Python sockets two weeks ago. The next day, I went home and learned multithreading.
Then, I realized the potential.
I know a guy1 who knows a guy2 who runs a business and could really use an app I could totally make. And it's a great idea and it's gonna be awesome and I'm finally gonna do something useful with my life.
All I gotta do is learn UI. Easy peasy.
I spent the next week or so experimenting with my code, coming up with ideas for the app in my head and of course, telling all my friends about it. Bad habit, I know.

Guy1 was about to meet Guy2, so I asked Guy1 to tell Guy2 about my idea. He agreed. I reminded him again later that day, and then again in a text message.
The next day, I asked him if he remembered.
Guess what.
I asked him to text Guy2 instead. He came back to me with Guy2's reply: "Why won't he send me a message himself?".
So I contacted Guy2. After a while, he replied. We had a short, awkward conversation. Then he asked why he should prefer a new app over the existing replacement.
He activated my trap card. With a long chqin of messages, I unloaded everything I was gathering in my mind for the last week. I explained how he could use the app, what features it could have and how it would solve his problem and improve his product. I finished it off with the good old "Yeah, I was bored😅" to make the whole thing look a bit more casual.
Now, all that's left to do is wait.
Out of all the possible outcomes to this situation, this was both the worst the least expected one.
I'm not familliar with the English word for "Two blue checkmarks, no reply". But I'm certain there is no word in any language to describe what I'm feeling about this right now.
By that point, Guy1 has already made it clear that he's not interested in being my messanger anymore. He also told me to let the thing die, just in case I didn't get the hint. I don't blame him though.

It's been almost a week since then. Still no reply from Guy2. I haven't quite been able to get over it. Telling all my friends about it didn't really help.
Looking back, I think Guy2 has never realised he has that problem with his product.
But still, the least he could do is tell me why he dosen't like it...
"Why won't he send me a message himself?" Yeah, why really? HMMM :thinking:

You know what? If I ever somehow get the guts to leave my home country, I'm sending a big "fuck you" to this guy.

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    You could ask guy2 why he didn't like your ideas, a second set of opinion is always important
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    The word you're looking for is actually three words: left on read.

    Honestly, you probably should've just contacted guy2 from the start. Using a messenger is a bit unprofessional.
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    @ausername Thanks for the advice, I'll try to get over the awkwardness of the situation and do that :p
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    Given that he didn't exactly ask for a new app, I don't really see what the issue is. If you look at it from his point of view, he's just had some guy try to sell him something he's not looking for, and not through normal business channels. Also, unloading all your ideas on him through a messenger probably came off a bit intense and honestly, weird.

    Try to learn from this, if you're trying to sell yourself you have to be professional, especially if it's an unsolicited cold call.
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    the reply you got is called "seen" or being "Left on read" in english
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    Ask guy2 one final time why he is ghosting you and build the app anyways. Just put it up for sale on the intertubes
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    Grow up
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    Send your idea to me
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