I just realized that after 6 years of programming, things that would make normal people angry/happy/emotional currently have no effect on me, no matter how extreme it is, maybe I am losing my humanity bit by bit

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    What exactly has changed? Do you have some examples?
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    it's that I don't get angry anymore, when I face a problem I just start looking for the logical solution, it's so weird
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    I don't think that this is weird. I would rather describe anger and panic as weird. :) I would call this process 'growing up' or 'growing with your tasks'.
    Most of my colleagues at work often ask me why I'm pretty calm while programming. I usually say that panic and anger would make everything worse and it's uselessl in this situation.
    Or I'm weird, too. 😋
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    Bit by bit,Byte by byte
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    I'm 26, and I'm already not experiencing angriness for a long time, my main rationale is that it's not worth being angry anymore, everything can be dealed with more calm
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    Every single time when I get to a technical or some other stupid argument where people argue on X and Y being better/worse, or just mocking stuff - I simply remove myself from the discussion as it is pointless. Nobody is perfect, nobody is bad. Everyone has their own goods and bads and evils.

    And funniest part is that when they ask me why I did go off the discussion as my opinion would settle everything, I simply state:

    You don't have to tell me once more, I heard it the first time and still didn't gave a f..ck :)
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    during a 7 years period every cell in our body is swaped out for a new one. So every 7 years we all become completely different humans.
    This has impact on our temper and looks.
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