query for ladies

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    SQL != programming
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    Umm... What's "beach"?!

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    you're confusing programming with SQL.
    programming would be something like this :
    //using java

    for(int i=0 ; i<n ; i++){
    if ( girl_age[i] == '18')
    Printwriter writer = new Printwriter("girl_names.txt" , "UTF-8");
    writer.println( girl_name[i] );
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    @tysa *writer.close();
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    @Lasse @tysa: SQL is a fourth generation programming language. Counts as programming. Don't hate.
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    @dncrews it's a domain specific language, not a general purpose language.
    you cannot write applications with it.
    all you can do is access and edit a db(and a handful of more things).
    though that is a noble and important task, it's not the same as other general purpose languages.
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    @tysa true, but it still has variables, logic directives, looping, etc, so it counts. Obviously you couldn't get far if it were all you knew, but you'd still be a programmer in a sense.
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    @dncrews I never said it wasn't a programming language. but it's just that a person who only knows SQL cannot be called a programmer without being insensible.
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    And no LIMIT .... noice
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    @bioDan it said programmers 😑
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    Spanish Query Language ain't programming. and btw the result will be no rows selected
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    may I add hotness >= 95?
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