Thanks Devrant for the cool avatar. I'm using it everywhere now!

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    @BambuSource yeah. Not the third-wave kind pushing aggressively and bashing men without thought or reason, but a feminist, yeah.
    Where I come from, women aren't treated like humans, more often than not.
    It really is very sad.
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    Femininist is okay pseudo feminist are the people who sucks
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    I'm sorry if that triggers anyone but I think extremist feminists are funny.
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    @BambuSource the third wave trigger-puffs are the funniest thing you can see.

    @carlos4068 good. As much as i don't like people who are third way feminist, i think you're actually good. High five :)
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    @c3ypt1c thank you, brother
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    Quora is toxic af nowadays. Pick your follows wisely.
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