Finally got the last of the hardware pieces for my pi book pro in today. Figured out how I'm going to lay it out and now to make custom cables to connect it all :D This old MacBook may yet breathe new life!

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    That's really cool! Do you have a build log somewhere?
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    Thanks, and no I don't..
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    parts list would be cool :)
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    unibody MacBook pro (2010)
    raspberry pi 2
    eBay LCDs converter
    matek ubec
    teensy (for keyboard matrix interpretation)
    Arduino nano ( for on the go hw coding and various other possible features(notification RGB LED))
    6x 5000 mAh lipo batteries
    oh and a couple LEDs to illuminate the usb ports
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    those batteries look like c4
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    omg this is **awesome**
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    awesome work there really cool...
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    loved it
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    Imagine taking this onto an airplane
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    @GigabyteDX yeah don't bring that to school to show your teacher if you're brown.

    They'll arrest your ass, fox news will declare you a terrorist. Trump will claim obama was behind it.

    then you'll get offered scholarships to MIT

    and then you'll decide to go live in the fucking UAE >.>

    So, net negative.
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    This is great man!
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    @rozzzly but you get to checkout the White House and receive a bunch of free shit from various companies
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    Battery life?
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    I don't know yet, but I will report back after I get it going. I think I'm gunna drop 2 cells to loose the 7oz
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    is there a tutorial to make something like this. Btw this looks awesome!
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    Could easily upgrade to a new Pi model to boost your longevity too.

    Unlike an actual Mac.
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    that looks cool dude.
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    awesome work! would love to watch a video when finished, and if it covers the building process it could be epic for every maker out there.
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    some epic battery right there!
    cool project
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    Awesome idea. Screenshoting this so I remember to do something with the 10+ old laptops laying around my house.
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