Me, expressing my concern in an email to my boss, cc'ing their boss: [thing we are planning to do] is extremely likely to go wrong and at this point it is literally a health risk for me.
Reply:i hope the risk of your health is moderate, and we're going to do it on a friday do you can recover on saturday.
WHAT? Why do I even keep up with this brazenly way to treat people?

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    He doesn't believe it's a health risk to you. Have you explained in detail why it is?
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    @dougheeren yes and I happen to have more experience in the field and layed out what the problems are.
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    @jobylie is moving jobs an option?
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    @dougheeren i volunteer there and I made clear that I won't be available for this one project if the problem won't be solved. It seemed like this helped a lot.
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