Those jQuery fuckers spam their shit into every damn article or video. Why do you retards even use it in 2018? JavaScript has evolved and can do all the useless shit jQuery does in an equal style.
I hate to see modern front-end tutorials using this useless ugly tool.

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    Var stuff = document. Getelementbyid()
    Var stuff = $()
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    @ilikeglue what's your point?
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    @ilikeglue So the touch typing takes 3 seconds longer?
    If your coding is based on speed I wouldn't want to see your driffle of code.
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    jQuery should be killed.
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    @rootshell @ilikeglue when the point was, that the coding is a little bit faster, because there are less character to type, it is totally worth to load a 30kb library... 🙄
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    @ilikeglue const $ = document.querySelectorAll
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    @ilikeglue username confirmed. Otherwise i got no idea how you think this is a valid point.
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    @Hammster well.


    Well why the fuck they put this long stuff?

    This is the same stupid thinking as months starting from 0... Why the hell would you do that?

    + is Elements and Element... So easy to misspell...

    Es6 isnt perfect and damn they could have fixed more stuff. Still good.
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    @curlyDev Well parsing every shit over one fuction is BS. Do you want to get a element by reference or by DOM search, do you need one element or a Array containing elements.

    The Web API is very consistant nowdays, and the mthods tell you what they do.

    What does a fucking cash sign tell me? If you woudn't know jquery in and out this shit makes no sense. I mean how many times did i see people go $(. classHurrDurr) scattered around the whole project every time they want to change it. Those fuckers use jQuery for 3 years and dont know it returns a jQuery Object. And when i talk about that guess what shit you got to do to get the DOM Node its hidden behind a variable...

    Also where the fuck do get the element from, it doesnt tell you you grab it from the document DOM tree.

    And all you want is the fucking $ selector use fucking shizzle which is the lib jquery uses and not a full blown jQuery.
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    With modern editors I feel you get more value from the longer method names.

    Document.getElementById() is much more intuitive to read and understand for the next programmer who you hand the project over to compared to $(#)
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    People use jquery because, like me, they don't give a fuck about JS and just want to get things done while focusing on the backend and functionality instead of learning a new hieroglyph every damn fucking time they try to catch with JS ecosystem.
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    There's a version of jQuery, which only adds the still useful stuff.

    So.. why not :)
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    @azous Spoiler alert, that's all in your head. Here's something you could consider the next time you think about adding a library that you really might not need:

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    @inaba after looking at that site and the longer versions of javascript vs jquery I'm still going to use jquery.

    @ everyone with a poor attitude - Don't like it? Too fucking bad. Deal with it or get off my sites. (Attitude for the haters out there who feel like shoving their opinion down someone's throat like its fact.)

    Edit to separate the fact that I think @inaba is just trying to help and is so far nice about it. Some of you need a chill pill and realize you're not helping your cause for the anti jquery lobby.
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    all im gonna say is that id highly doubt the skills of any developer who CHOOSES to use jquery in 2018
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    @RuntimeError exactly. For most Cases modern JavaScript made jQuery obsolete. For the rest there are things like Vue. Vue is equal in size, but way more powerful.
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    @Hammster i need an element.

    I dont care how it's taken. It can be summoned from valhalla for what i care.(for majority of devs).

    But is absolute shit storm to put those 2 MOST USED functions to the longer text than anything else?
    Why for the love of anything would you put 2 functions and make one ELEMENT and one ELEMENTS.... Yes this will make again a "javascript shitty language."

    Wait there is more. ElementById can return null but ElementByClassName just an empty array.

    Fun times.

    Its anti beginner. Why? How should i explain someone that they can just use javascript?

    I dont even want to enter the rest of the fucking ES6 bullshit they put in(some is good but as always decided to fuck something up).

    Was so hard to put.
    dom.getbyClass('') ?

    And make both return null in case of empty? Was that hard? Yes it is... Because why not.
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    @curlyDev learn the Web API, what you wrote just shows how you got 0 idea on what those functions do.

    IDs are references so a single instance, a className is a selector multiple instances.

    What on earth do you expect is a non existant reference hmmmm let me think oh yeah a FUCKING null pointer.

    And what happens with a query on every fucking DB on this fucking planet oh yeah a empty result set eg. a empty array.

    Shame on you for talking shit to other devs that may could pick up your nonsense. This is the shit that makes me angry.
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    @Hammster and that doesnt happen in jQuery.

    And people dont give a shit about what should happen.

    It means if you rewrite code and a class becomes an id or reverse(happens all the time) extra code needs to be written when in jquery it takes one change.

    By the way in SQL no matter if i take one or 1000 rows its given in an array. Even if its empty its still an array.

    People will just fuck off the ids and just use classname because why use 2 functions to get elements but slightly different and you need different checks?

    Thats why people used jQuery in the first time...
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    @Divisionbyzero in a perfect, browser upgraded world, you're right but the sad truth is:

    There are a lot of old browsers around where you get a lot of trouble by using some vanilla JS functions.

    Especially at dealing with arrays, etc.
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    @SweeD when your job is about supporting these, your argument is valid. Else I don't care. 😉
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    To make my original position clear: my rant was about tutorials using jQuery to show how to make things work with JavaScript. That really pisses me off.
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    @SweeD and the fact that you pain yourself with supporting them is the fact that they are still around.

    Also it isn't a lot of older browsers. It's pretty much just ie
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    @inaba that's true. My QA sent me an email about how ie isn't working on this new webapp.... straight up I dont support ie. Or edge
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    @SanitizedOutput There are plenty. VSCode even has one built in that is bae af
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    @xewl thats not what I meant in my rant. It's not about jQuery. It's about people explaining stuff in JavaScript using jQuery. That in my opinion is bullshit. Even more when you do it nowadays.
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    @Divisionbyzero oh, I'm aware of that for sure..
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