@dfox could you switch the position of report and reply button it is very hard to reach when the screen is large and only have one hand

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    Most tall phones have a way to bring the top half of the phone down. On an iPhone it's double tapping the home button
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    what I mean is switch left to right or provide a setting for right-hand ppl, since report do not use much given most of the content is rant and "politically correct" 😁@tytho
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    @loveyoupeng and have the entire community press the wrong button for a week or so?
    I think this is not something that should be done for 1 user ;)
    Maybe you should buy a smaller phone if you only have one small hand. Or do you ask changes for all apps you use? :D
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    what the hell are you doing with your other WHILE READING DEVRANT!! OMG! Kill it with fireeeee..!
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