As an Angular developer, i am thinking switching to React, major companies and websites are using it
Facebook,Twitter Instagram,Dropbox,Aws,New outlook,mongodb cloud, Amazon drive,Udemy, ....

Gcloud, not many more

Angular 2+

Is the switch advisable?

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    If you cant switch between frameworks (not languages, frameworks) in a matter of days, then id say you are far from having to worry about big tech companies.

    That being said yeah, angular is fucking terrible.
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    I’ve always gone to look at angular and wanted to learn it but I just find React and Vuejs so much nicer I use one of them instead. For quick tool type things that call into an api I find React to be the most productive
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    If you want to work for corporations (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and be greatly underpaid and exploited - be my guest.
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    @HelloUglyWorld i am just thinking why major tech companies are not using angular and used react instead, i don’t think to work for these kind of companies
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    I enjoyed the earlier Angular as it was quite similar to the MVVM paradigm I’d been used to in WPF for ages.

    The new version just seems to be so over-engineered and needlessly complex, so I’d definitely recommend looking at alternatives.
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    @julioburgos They aren't mayor in terms of being technological overseers or pioneers.

    Look how many job offers you can get for angular and for react - in my city only the ratio is 4 to 1 (angular to react).
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