Me: *staring at computer screen, not looking busy*

Boss: Why are you not working?

Me: I am, I'm just waiting for this thing to finish installing.

Boss: You do realize you can still do other stuff while that's running, right?

Me: Didn't you send me an article last week about the dangers of multitasking?

Boss: um...

Me: *now intently staring at progress bar..."

Boss: fuck sakes... *walks away*

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    Whahaha, that boss ended up eating his own pickle! xD
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    If it's a relatively quick install I might wait, or go smoke, but for longer running installs I have plenty of other work to do.
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    "Now what are you doing??"
    "I give up."
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    Still compiling...
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    I probably would have said you are delegating tasks to the computer. It's designed for multitasking. You however need to do only one thing at a time and guess what waiting is not the thing to do it you want to keep the job.

    Basically you had a little luck and nice execution by the way
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    @hjk101 One friend of mine is paid to see if everything of an program is well installed in any environment
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    @ArcaneEye sure I was not talking about firing anyone but you can ream someone for watching an installer for 20 minutes

    @pmso well that sounds like a lot of manual checking. They must have some really flaky installers or complex environment without configuration management
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    Haha! I knew it. Worked for yourself for 20 years have you?
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    @delegate212 I'm also not sure if actual rant or a joke - anyways what's up @rant1ng?
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    @delegate212 this user sounds very suspicious after reading this rant
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