Finally got fucked off with windows crashing.
Tra bitch.

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    Which distro is that?
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    Ub@miuoshki Ubuntu while I adjust, then hopefully on to Arch
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    You have made a good decision!
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    My wife's about to do the same. I'm so proud. Also:
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    Not a squirrel, a Beaver.
    A Bionic Beaver precisely.
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    @osx94 Still, that's what my brain said
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    I still remember the day that I was enlighten with Linux distros... After two days evaluating my dependencies with Windows, I've decided to say (quoting OP), fuck off
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    Lel, welcome to Ubuntu "doesn't do this", or "doesn't find that"...
    Nonetheless, welcome ;)
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    @xewl I used it as a work development for three years while I was in uni by I always dual booted, so I’m fairly used to what the system requires
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    @forE Glad you've been where we all were then. ✓
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