I will leave this here!

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    I didn't know that!

    Thanks for opening my eyes kind stranger.
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    Well for example after putting the c hash tag code base there so the Linux community would make it run on Linux I'm not even surprised
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    @ilikeglue c hashtag. Everyone knows it’s C pound.
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    Why is Angular listed separately from Google?
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    And what's your point exactly?
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    @tizo probably because angular has its own account on GitHub and isn't under Google.

    All angular work is under GitHub.com/angular
    And they even use angular as an org on npm
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    @linuxxx besides the one on the top of all of our heads?
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    @Bingy ah. That makes sense. Thanks for the education.
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    They are trying really hard, ain't they?
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    Embrace, extend, and extinguish

    Seems the Microsoft's motto is still up since 1996
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    I think it's because of vscode. 🤔
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    @maxx and .NET Core and Rx
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    @XiovV google 😂
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    @XiovV google, Facebook and Apple are the worst!
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    @tizo As long as they have zero respect for privacy of their users I really don't give a shit about their contributions to open source.

    It's also about ethics.
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    @linuxxx like the others give a fuck about your privacy 😂
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    @ziadkiwan Define 'the others'?
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    @linuxxx Google, Facebook, Apple etc
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    @ziadkiwan Oh yeah, I pretty much block all of those out of my computer for exactly that reason.
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    That’s the number of accounts no? And if you combine angular and google, you get 24k
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    "Developers(x80000)" - Steve "Sweat God" Balmer
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    Exactly my thoughts. Most contributions just means most contributions. That's a terrible measure of value. Look at the second place: we all know that Facebook is a criminal company. The same could be true for any of the listed companies.

    Here's my guess: larger companies tend to contribute more, simply because they are larger.
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    So how many of those “opensource” contributors produce code that runs only on closed platform like windows ?
    Opensource word is becoming a hype like AI and blockchain nowadays.
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    If anyome has not said it yet, it's C-octothorpe
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