>end of the work
>me tired and want to go home to pet my cat, dog... and fishes or whatevs
>while shutting down monitors I was asked to help fix the bug
>ok, though I was not working on that part of the project
>fixing it and feeling proud
>today I got angry messages that it wasn't a bug and I shouldn't have touched it
>the person who asked me to 'fix' it did not understand why it worked in the way it worked (and I fixed it in the way he wanted it to work)
>I guess next time when I feel tired I should just be avoiding helping people
>time to think of prepared excuses

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    examples: My cat will eat my fishes if i wont come home now OR sorry i have an appointment with the veneterian.
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    @stop the vet appointment is a quite good choise 😁 or 'my dog will shit on my bed if I won't take him outside in 30 minues'
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    you got it.
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