Free talks with free food is always a win!

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    free food? sign me up!
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    I've made that mistake several times now, and now it's too late to correct. Can you ever forgive me? @Floydian
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    I just realized my stupidity. I wondered why "rant" didn't show in the tags field, but I saw the big red rant button as just "make a new post" and ignored the other buttons which I thought of as other features.

    I'll fix this mental bug in the future at least.
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    Love tech talks! I live in Danmark and we often have companies doing talks through the meetup platform. Also there is pizza and beer so..
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    Woah, kvar er dette hen?
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    @Proximyst Bouvet Majorstuen.
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    Are you feel bored! Now go on Crazy Food challenges channel on https://youtube.com/channel/... & watch the full video, that has great content about eating challenges. Such enjoyed moments and watched the real fun on this platform.
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