I avoided answering this question because I had no motivation to answer it.

That explains things huh? I don't know how to deal with low motivation. I just try to let it pass which never happens. Or switch to other things I'm more motivated to do.

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    @NoMad I guess then I stop doing everything 😅
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    What if you have no other things that you are motivated to do 🤔
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    @theNox we can hang out pretty well 🤭
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    You don't need motivation.
    You need discipline.

    Motivation is a feeling that comes and goes.
    It starts when you find something new, and fades overtime. This is where discipline comes into play.

    Steven Pressfield wrote a book on it and called it resistance—the enemy of every creative endeavor. The amateur only works when she feels like it. The pro goes to work wether she feels like it or not she has dicipline. It's a very practical read.

    Another helpful option is writing you're life out.
    This is a program developed by a clinical psychologist.

    Write out how you're good actions benefit you and see how you're life potentially can turn out.

    And write out the bad actions you have and what's the result of that.

    You can create you're own "heaven" or "hell"

    You are the author of you're own life.
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    @Triskelion Interesting, thank you very much
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    @theNox if you are more like me, I would gave the same response to triske lion. Then forget what I just read and go back to bed and sleep.
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    @cursee yes, that sounds like something I would do
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    @cursee oh look you're elite
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    @theNox no problem.

    @cursee @theNox
    Stop that shit!
    Stop saying things that make you weak!
    It's pathetic.

    "I forget and fall back asleep" are you a fucking heroin addict that's in and out of conscious...

    Stop the fucking whining!
    Excuses sound best to the person that's making them up.

    Get into action and sort yourself out.
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    @Triskelion this is what I needed, thank you haha
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    I needed that? What does that even mean. Need = essential requirement.
    For what? life? You're gonna die if someone doesn't call you out on you're shit?

    That's bullshit you don't need that.
    It's a excuse you tell yourself.

    You know what you need to do.
    Do that.
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    @Triskelion You're right, I tell myself lots of excuses
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