RE: Why I punched Dave
In my defense to the accusation against me punching back end developer dave in the face, look at the following response:
HTTP 1.1
status: 200
mesaage: OK
body: {
"success": "false",
"message": "error"

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    Misspelling "message" even more so.
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    Nicely framed
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    It's so informative 😂😂😂
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    Damnit Dave.
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    I'd yell at Dave and inform his mother.
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    Dear Dave’s Mother,

    I’m writing to inform you that your son is a blithering idiot. His grasp of technical knowledge is subpar and his judgement in technical matters is questionable.

    As the progenitor of such imperfection I implore you to reconsider creating more, and to take responsibility for the monster you have created.

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    @Diactoros Ohh, nice. I approve.
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    This reminds me 90's DOS Game, 'Dangerous Dave' for no reason! 😁
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    Well deserved
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    wait HTTP 1.1.... ?
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    We all know Dave, don’t be like Dave
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