What has happened to the world.

"Declare variables, not war"


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    Execute Program not People
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    not in Python tho... 😁
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    "Manipulate strings, not citizens"
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    Declare variables, not var!
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    Press keys, not buttons 8)
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    Fire events, not guns
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    Kill child processes not children
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    @notarealDev if I consider my child to be a fork from myself.... Can I kill it then?
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    Break lines, not lives.
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    Purge cache, not humans.
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    Get on his dick, not his nerves.
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    -Call functions not each other out.

    -Interrupt to the OS instead of someone.

    -Chain matrix multiplication not other humans.

    -Dance with links not on top of the graves of your enemies.

    -Crash your program while testing not someone's car

    -Reduce memory allocated not time spent with your family.

    - Maximize usage of your CPU performance not the junior developer under you.

    -kill the stupid non technical project manager. He deserves it
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    War war = new War("WAR!");
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