Me and co-worker troubleshooting why he can't run the docker container for database.

Me: Check if the port is busy.

Co-worker: To my knowledge, it isn't.

Me: Strange, it just works fine for me and everyone else.

Me: And you're sure you didn't already start it previously?

*We verify that it isn't running*

Me: I'm pretty sure the port is busy from that error message. Try another port.

Co-worker: Already did, it didn't work.

Me: And by any chance restarting your machine won't solve anything?

*It doesn't solve anything*

Me: Alright, I have some work to do, but I'll get back to this. Tell me if you find a solution.

Co-worker: Alright.

*** Time passes, when I get back he has switched to windows, dualboot, same machine ***

Me: I don't think you'll have a better time running the docker image on windows.

Co-worker: Oh, that's not what I'm looking for. You see, I had a database on my windows partition recently and I thought maybe thats why it won't start.


Me (actually saying): I don't think computers work like that.

Co-worker: My computer is magical. It does strange things.

Me: That's a logical conclusion.

*** More time passes ***

Co-worker solves the problem. The port was busy because Ubuntu was already running PostgreSQL on that port.

Third co-worker shimes in: Oh yeah, I had the exact same problem and it took me a long time to solve it.

Everyone is sitting in arms reach of each other.

So not only was I right from the start. Someone else heard this whole conversation and didn't chime in with his solution. And the troubleshooting step of booting into windows and looking if a database is running there ???? Wtf

Why was I put on this Earth?

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    Man, I've been laughing at this for like 20 minutes (not continuously, just every time I remember it).

    The DB on windows part was hilarious.
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    @antorqs It cracks me up from time to time aswell.
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    That's why I get weird looks when instead of asking those questions I just say "let me see" and run the damn commands myself. I don't trust people saying they've tried my solutions already.
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    You were put here to suffer.
    Looks like it's working.
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    @m0j0nz0r Yeah, I get that. But I don't believe in babysitting people. Give me a couple of years and I might have changed my mind on the subject.
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    @ThreadRipper I pretty much never use wine, so I'm not sure. However, NTFS use a different permission system than ext. So I don't know if you can set executable permissions for a file on a NTFS disk.

    But this is besides the point. It was a fresh install and no one was using wine.
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