My mentor/guider at my last internship.

He was great at guiding, only 1-2 years older than me, brought criticism in a constructive way (only had a very tiny thing once in half a year though) and although they were forced to use windows in a few production environments, when it came to handling very sensitive data and they asked me for an opinion before him and I answered that closed source software wasn't a good idea and they'd all go against me, this guy quit his nice-guy mode and went straight to dead-serious backing me up.
I remember a specific occurrence:
Programmers in room (under him technically): so linuxxx, why not just use windows servers for this data storage?
Me: because it's closed source, you know why I'd say that that's bad for handling sensitive data
Programmers: oh come on not that again...
Me: no but really look at it from my si.....
Programmers: no stop it. You're only an intern, don't act like you know a lot about thi....
Mentor: no you shut the fuck up. We. Are. Not. Using. Proprietary. Bullshit. For. Storing. Sensitive. Data.
Linuxxx seems to know a lot more about security and privacy than you guys so you fucking listen to what he has to say.
Windows is out of the fucking question here, am I clear?

Yeah that felt awesome.

Also that time when a mysql db in prod went bad and they didn't really know what to do. Didn't have much experience but knew how to run a repair.
He called me in and asked me to have a look.
Me: *fixed it in a few minutes* so how many visitors does this thing get, few hundred a day?
Him: few million.
Me: 😵 I'm only an intern! Why did you let me access this?!
Him: because you're the one with the most Linux knowledge here and I trust you to fix it or give a shout when you simply can't.

Lastly he asked me to help out with iptables rules. I wasn't of much help but it was fun to sit there debugging iptables shit with two seniors 😊

He always gave good feedback, knew my qualities and put them to good use and kept my motivation high.

Awesome guy!

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    Well, if I see you irl, and we happen to cross his path too, Imma buy that guy his favorite drink, just for the sake of his friggin' awesomeness. This one person is definitely worth more than the company he works for...
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    He seems like a great person and you also seem like a great intern to mentor. I hope you'll also pass on the positivity and constructive criticism he provided to you. We need more people like him in this industry.
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    Why would u trust open source more then closed source paid software??

    1 u have no claims against open source software
    2 I highly doubt u read the source and compiled it urself

    + If ur devs want windows because it's more convenient for them why use Linux

    But worthship an opinion less because it's from an intern is a dick move
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    @noogli he didn't read the entire code but others do. There was an affair with a spying plugin for atom one year ago, if it weren't open source, the malicious company would have stolen a bunch of data.

    Also, you don't choose to use a tool because your dev are comfortable with it. You look at your problem, then choose the tool. I like Python but if I have to write a program that need to be super fast, I'll switch to C even if I don't like the tool.
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