How a regular convo with non-devs usually go:

"So what do you do?"

"I'm a software developer."

"Oh, so you're like... a hacker?"

"No, I build apps."

"Nice! So like facebooks and stuff???"

"Not exactly. Different things, mostly tools. It depends."

"Ooh...cool...Like what?"

*proceeds to spend what feels like an hour trying to explain what I do for a living in the simplest terms, while the person just blankly stares and nods, pauses, then finally tells me their crazily infeasible app idea.*

"So whadaya think?"

"Hmm...sounds good 😀👍"

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    Weird usually when I said I'm a software engineer people just say "oh cool engineering"
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    Key word 'Software Engineer'. Never say 'Developer', it's a trap
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    Those are the questions I used to ask a couple of years ago !! Lol
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    This is like my parents who has no idea about my work and what I do. They think I build computers, connect them and install windows O_o
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    How my conversations go.

    Person: "What do you do?"

    Me: "I'm an engineer."

    Person: "Oh. I was never god at math."

    Me: "Ok."
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    What the hell is this "conversation" thing that people keep going on about?
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    Yeah, now days I stick to developer or engineer. But it's harder to convince them you're not a hacker if you use the term 'programmer'
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    Thats funny because when I'm on campus using the terminal or on my IDE, people stare at my screen for a minute before deciding to sit somewhere else. xD
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    @adempus oh man that's true about hacker. Hate when people ask me that
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