Technically not andev rant but fuck it. This pusses me off no no end.

PC gaming as I used to love it, is ending.

E3 for pc gamers was a death march. With the exception of hitman and just cuz 4, which are both more of the same. Don't get me wrong, I'll play them both because they're good fun, but look at the PS4 lne up. Control, Anthem, Detroit and more, all NEW IPs.

Meanwhile over in PC world we get the 50th billionth Battle Royal and (surprise) another JC.

I couldn't even being myself to finish Origin (WHICH WANT EVEN A GOD DAMN ORIGIN STORY)

I'll have to get a PS4. I just LOATHE playing FPS with a controller.

Oh, yeah, and a new fallout. With one mode. Which is great because it means I get to be fragged and tea bagged by 9 year old Asian kids..

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    The E3 has been about consoles (mostly) for years, now. For some nice PC games, you'll have to wait for Cyberpunk 2077, Rage 2, Fallout 76, Elder Scrolls VI, etc.
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    I ended up selling my last gaming PC last year as college and programming was taking up too much of my time. I caved in a got a switch for when I can game on rare occassion.

    I'll buy a PS4 to play Norman Reedus and the Funky Feetus Fed Ex simulator.
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    Come on, the good titles aren't even on E3... Electronic Waste and Buggysoft (you know whom I mean) run the market and flood it with cheap crap...
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    @Jilano of those, only Cyberpunk isn't a sequel. I do love a good sequel but.. c'mon... where's the NEW stuff?
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    Yep, switching to a ps4 pro as soon as I have the money.

    Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Kingdom Hearts, Shadow of the Colossus...
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    @polaroidkidd "Oh, you didn't get the memo? New stuff is risky and doesn't sell as much as the same garbage. Hum... IP... That we refurb every now and then."
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