So... A random morning moment:
(c - Cient, m - me)

C: Help!!! Our users are complaining that our website is not working as intended!!! This is crucial!!!!
M: What's the problem? What is not working?
M: Could you be more specific...?
C: Look at the bugsnag - it has all the errrors!!!
M: *looks there - no errors* - But... It has no errors...
C: Okay, so client told me he's using Galaxy SII - does that ring a bell?
M: *thinks that I'm fucked* - Asks, which browser?
C: Why do you need it? It's a browser after all...
M: Yeah but not all browsers are the same and I need type and version to investigate...
C: It's Samsung default browser... Last updated 2012 January.
M: Well, tell that user to update the browser, the site is working fine on newer versions...
C: No, you update it.
M: Browser?!
C: Yes, what else?!
M: Of course, I'll fly 3000 kilometres to press UPDATE button on clients phone...
C: Well, he's not doing it himself - he's afraid!
M: Well, that is his problem. Site is working fine for other users with newer browsers.
C: But... He's a client
M: I get it but he's a client that uses 6 years old browser and tries to visit our website. Don't you remember that we ditched IE support on your behalf for the same reason?!
C: Oh... I see... Can you make something that it works with 2005 browsers?
M: Of course... *evil laugh starts* I'll make the website work on EVERY single device EVER - make it plain text.
C: Are you joking?
M: Are you?


And since then, we ditched the actual need for supporting users with old browsers that don't update to modern standards... Feels great!

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    Well fucking done!
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    I had the same situation play a bit differently a few years ago.

    Context: there is a meeting with client company, several persons from there are here.

    One says "website is not showing correctly on our company computer". Before we even have time to properly respond, another said "it's our company problem, we are still on IE6 ...".

    No need to even defend the subject, felt great!
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    @Fradow I do agree that this feeling is really great :)

    The more people realise that software needs updates - the better!
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    I love that response to making it work on EVERYTHING! You want support for browsers that don’t support themselves? Here’s a book.
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    Why people is afraid of upgrading their browser? Such a nonsense...
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    @Unai you see, some people think that if it is not broken - don't fix it :) also, older people...
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    @Unai there used to be a lot of proprietary B2B extensions developed against specific browser versions, that would not work on newer browser versions.

    Those extensions are core to businesses, and cost to make them work on newer browser is seen as too high (or there just isn't anyone to do that anymore).

    That and crappy company IT that refuse to do updates because it requires them to do their job.
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    Hello, I can't seem to get your plain text to load on my IBM System/360. Could you please add an EBCDIC encoded version?
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    How much does it take to detect and show a polite message if app is not supported on that browser.
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    @ajit555 Not much but you won't believe this - people don't really read those messages :) We've had other projects where we stated user what was wrong with all the details and steps how to fix it yet we still got around 10 live-chat requests per day with the same question. When we tell them that there is an explanation on your screen already - they all say that it was not there before... :) Just like kids searching for stuff and asking mom where is it - boom, magically it appears in front of their eyes :)
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    Been there, my client came to me with an iPhone 4s...
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    Made my morning xD
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