Do you know what annoys the living fuck out of me?
Me: no...?
Me: may I tell?
Me: yes, please do!
Me: okay here we go:

Sites which use Google fonts or apis or ajax or other Google-hosted libraries.

It takes fucking ages to load those sites (if they lost et-all) since I block as much as possible from that cocksucking mass surveillance network.

Google, feel free to die in a fucking corner while getting an acid shower and being stripped of your skin layer by layer, as slow as possible to increase the pain and suffering.

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    Yes, b...but Google says that's its better to use their CDN, so don't be surprised everyone is using it.
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    @Alice Basically haha. Next to that I can hardly load it since it's not finishing loading 😅

    @visudo I'm not surprised. Just annoyed as fuck haha.
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    @linuxxx sadly, without Google content the web was hardly usable.
    I tried to block everything Google on my VPN provider config and I had a hard time loading nearly every website...

    How do you do that?
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    @visudo I use an extension called Decentraleyes :).

    But yeah, next to that, it gives me a hard time but I'll take that over having to load something from google :)
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    @Alice I did once I think, my dns resolver was edited by my system so I could load google stuff again
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    Try the decentralytes (I think that's the name) plugin for Firefox.

    It makes its own copy of the scripts and stuff then just injects them into the page so you don't have to load from Google.
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    I love how without seeing who posted this rant I knew instantly that it was @linuxxx just by reading the lines about Google libraries
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    Are there any good alternatives to Google when it comes to reCAPTCHA-style spam/bot-protection?
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    @wizzzard There are open source captcha alternatices but they don't have the resources recaptcha has, that's a fact.
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    @cabrasm or just install them locally? Shouldn't that work out of the box, when you're blocking the requests anyway?

    Do NOT use SkyFonts though, what a POS!!!
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    I wrote a Firefox extension a while back that replaced as many external resources as it could with cdnjs.com versions.
    I made it specifically to fix sites on my de-Googled phone. If I can find the code, I'll try to clean it up and publish it.
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    @franga2000 That'd be awesome!
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    @vlatkozelka I get your point but it's a choice. Except for the Google services part, it's not that hard to host a library on your own server...

    I do that anyways, not only for privacy because if I'd use a cdn and it would go down, that would be a problem.

    You could argue that my server could also go down but then I'd have bigger problems haha.

    And yes, I do find it irresponsible to use Google products or integrate them within your services. Personal opinion, that's all.
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    @vlatkozelka Well if course it will be the free one but there are multiple free choices and also responsible/ethical ones I think
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    @linuxxx found it! I cleaned up the code just enough to be presentable: https://gitlab.com/franga2000/...

    I've completely forgotten how to package extensions, so I'll have to look it up later today, but you can run it in debug mode in the mean time.
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    @linuxxx never mind that last part. It was approved on AMO in seconds: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/...
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