I don't understand the concept of drinking tea or coffee. More over why is everyone is so surprised when I say "I don't drink tea or coffee." ??

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    You don't understand the concept of caffeine?
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    I hate those who say that we shouldn't talk to them in the morning before they had a cup of coffee.
    It doesn't make sense and it's annoying.

    If you need coffee to function properly throughout the day, you need serious medical attention.
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    Just wait till you become a 24/7 on-call server engineer, then you'll probs understand the coffee part 😅
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    What I mean is that, I have seen people who will get annoyed if they don't get thier morning juice. Somewhere I feel like it's a serious addiction. Maybe like a nicotine.
    In my mind ANY kind of addiction is dangerous. That's why I don't understand the concept of drinking it, for me, it never worked. I never felt the crazy buzz/energy to suddenly be awake. If that's what the end goal is then just take a cold shower. That ought to do it. 😃 I guess many of non drinkers will agree to it.
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