-Recently started a new job so I’m new to the infrastructure-

Spent the vast majority of the day trying to SSH into one of my company servers to sort some random bug out on the website & the connection kept being rejected despite the day before it working when passing the .pem key into the SSH along with the ip & my username, nothing new there.

Anyway, everyone’s mad busy so I don’t wanna bother anyone to ask why, so I check confluence, no documentation for SSHING into our scheduler or the code the server I need to access. Never-mind.
Spend another couple hours trying debug it on my own, no luck. Never-mind.

Finally seize my opportunity and ask for help; ‘Oh the server IP changes daily so you need to run a task through our scheduler that you need to SSH into to return the list of IPS and that dynamically changes so that’s how you get the IP’

Oh ok. Why is there no documentation for that again? I mean. Thats generally some pretty important information you’d pass onto your starters.
At least I can say I won’t be making that same mistake again.

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    @oudalally To be honest I didn’t ask, I did try the hostname but that rejected me too, but that could have maybe been something I did or what have you, I’ll double check.

    I don’t mind writing documentation, I’m sucker for well written explanations 😂😂
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    @oudalally hahahahaha fuck sake 😂😂 maybe I’m just naive in my inexperience 😂
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    @oudalally Oh don’t get me wrong the people I work with are amazing and incredibly talented.
    Being a starter is hard enough though least of all when you start in the middle of a code migration, launch of a new site & not have the support of some key documentation.
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    @oudalally True true.

    To be fair I’m fairly new at it, I’ve been developing for 6-7 years but always in my own time, on my own projects and then in university.
    Never in a company, let alone a company of this size and structure. It’s a real wake up call, excellent time to learn from people smarter and more experienced than myself.
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    @oudalally I’ve got a good grasp on programming concepts & code in its entirety, not so much in how companies operate in larger groups, infrastructure etc etc.
    Thank you! To be fair I wished I spent more time in pubs and enjoying my time at uni than I did, kinda feel like I missed out on the uni experience.

    Ahh thanks, I’ll update it now
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