Joined a new company...
It's been a week since I joined.I feel like shit.
There are over 20 employees, however I didn't had a chance to chat with a single person for more than a minute or two. Not a single meaningful or even a shitty but personal conversation. I'm trying to strike up conversations whenever I can, but there are no possibilities to do so. I think they have a few chat groups where I'm not added. At lunch time they suddenly start running to a guy that gathers the money to buy lunch, i saw that and joined, but I'm 99% sure they are communicating/speaking on some kind of chat.

I joined as a front-end developer, however I'm not sure if I'm a junior or whatever here. On the first day they showed me the system, they are using PHP and jquery + es6, the structure is messy and I'm not used to it It should be MVC-like, but messier, but it's not like anything I have seen. I usually work with opencart / cakePHP style systems. There are js files with a lot of custom funcions and sometimes there are functions that have mixed jquery and es6 inside script tags top or bottom of the view files. There are a lot of code that I don't understand, on the third day they gave me a task - to remodel a view (basically one page in the cms) I did it, but they didn't check up on me untill the next day, I gave them some notes on the task I finished, and I started making some of the code easier to read for myself after I was done. They didn't really gave me a new task, and I don't know what to do, don't have anyone to ask about what to do, because there are only 2 developers here, and the other guy is on vacation. The boss is also a coder, but he's never here and I feel like I shouldn't be asking him stupid coding questions, because you know.. He's a boss. I understand a lot more of their PHP code then their js/jquery. I feel like I'm stupid and I don't know what I am doing here and what I will be doing here in the future. I did move across the country to join this company, and if this won't work out i have a rent contract signed for a year. Today I was looking at the clock for the last 2 hours of the work day and waiting untill I could get out of there. To say that I feeling like shit would be an understatement.

I don't have anyone whom I could ask for coding advice outside of the company. Fuck.I have worked in a few companies before, but there was always an introduction to the staff, and or the working environment and usually there was a person that I could ask questions on the regular. This company is bigger however and I'm not an emotional guy whatsoever, but I feel like I will start crying.

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    Welcome to devRant, nice rant.

    I'm not sure about the environment you're in, but it took time to join the group socially when I first started.
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    @ODXT i'll update you guys after a while.. I'm hoping for the best but my thoughts aren't letting me
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    Good luck.
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    @senzory I was thinking about it, but I lack some programming skill and I feel like I should work in a job for a year or 2 to learn more and andvance my career. Then I can think about creating some kind of a product/service.. :)
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    All this time you are waiting for response, You can learn new skills, take up a new wide project, heck.. contribute to open source!
    There's so much to learn and do in tech.
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    It's common to feel like a stranger when you first start in a team. It's common to feel stupid when you start working with a new codebase. It's common to start with simple trivial tasks during your first days in the team. The team is not used to you and you're not used to the team. You have to give it a couple of months and you'll eventually start to fit in their workflow.
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    One good place to ask advice for this is workplace stackexchange
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