Freshly failed gloriously my degree in interaction design. Now I stumbled into a new job, doing a fullscale company advertisment campaign on cybersecurity for 6500 employees. Alone. Writing concept, gathering stakeholder, requirements and shit. I'm scared.

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    @Condor merci :)
    i'm used to that. I'd rather be unemployed than having a boring job.

    how's your job hunting game going?
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    @Hu-bot0x58 hehe 😄 thanks!

    I was hired for a monkey side job doing an inventory for network devices. And then... "hey what's your thesis about?" "designing a banking app for kids and parents" "cool! design us something for this dull and complex project" "nah I won't do that, you guys need a a voice for not just this project but for those in the in the future too. You guys need a advertisment campaign." "Cool, we'll extend your contract. Now get us that advertisment campaign. we want it badly!" That's how i created my own job inside the IT security department. By promesing the nerds to look good.
    Let's see how it goes. 🤗
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    Wow sounds awesome. I'm very interested and a bit envy 😁 please keep up update with your experiences
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