Client:  (via email) Wondering if this link is available and active.

I click the link. It takes me to the page, which is working and functional.

Me: Yes, this link is both available and active.

Client: Great, thanks for checking that.

Me internally: Did you seriously just SEND ME AN EMAIL to ask me to click a link for you?

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    Could have been that he wants to see if it works from outaide a network too or if it's not just a cached version etc.
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    @JoshBent yes that could be. Had similar cases of CORS issues also.
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    I wonder what would be:

    a) An unavailable active link
    b) An available inactive link
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    a) ip accessible only within local network, but connects to database
    b) ip accessible anywhere, but database connection broken

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    @thejohnhoffer makes sense :)
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