New job, started two months ago. Forced to use a MacBook. First time using iShit in my life.

- Laptop reboots randomly every three weeks or so "because of an error" (thanks, very informative error message).

- Sometimes if I use two screens and I lock my laptop, only one screen gets locked.

- The most simple tasks require a fucking large number of clicks. There are almost no keyboard shortcuts. My hand hurts because of this, and after two months the pain is getting worse and worse.

- Yes, I know there are apps that give you extra keyboard shortcuts, but those don't help much. I never used a mouse in 10 years.

- Window management sucks. It's so broken and poor in so many ways, I don't know where to start.

- Random errors and pop-ups are the norm.

- I have only four fucking USB Type C ports. I can somehow understand having only Type C because it looks cool, but fuck at least give me 6 of them, or 8. Do you really have to force me to use a USB hub, in addition to a shitload of adapters?

- Multiple monitors don't work unless the laptop is connected to the power adapter.

- The above point means, in practice, that I have exactly zero USB Type C ports available to me: one is used for the power adapter, two are for the two monitors, and one for the USB hub. Whenever I have to connect something that has Type C, I have to choose between monitors and going fuck myself.

- I don't want to comment on performance, cooling system or battery life. This would be a waste of time. Let's just say that it's shit.

Now, dear Apple fangirls and fanboys, please downvote this rant. I want your downvotes, so please don't hesitate to press that (--) button. But please let me say that these products are shit, pure shit. Fuck Apple and their overpriced products.

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    Maybe get a mouse that doesn't hurt? And wear gloves when you touch πŸ’© so your hands don't smell when you get back home.
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    Errors are specific to your MacBook. Not every MacBook will haunt you with these errors.
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    Haha, we are not using same Mac here. You are just closed to new things. Open your mind my friend.
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    I can add more:

    - if you install a custom font into the font librabry, you have to reboot into safe mode, log in, reboot in normal mode again in order for the font to be loaded into power point or whatever

    - compatebility between microsoft office on mac and windows is even worse then office on windows and libre office on ubuntu

    my boss bought a new mac for 1.8k as a "presentation" laptop... where you need adapters for fking everything. how is that a good presentation laptop?
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    @mk3d macOS is a pointer to hell.
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    Was given an old 2013 macbook for work. It has been running for almost 2 months with no restart, no random errors or anything. And I installed a boatload of stuff on it

    Guess it's just the old "hey, it works on my machine"
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    @fuck2code thanks, looks like something I really need. I will definitely give it a try.

    @py2js my MacBook, plus every coworkers' MacBook. Looks like we have a bunch of defective products here.

    @dontbeevil I might do it at a later point. Problem is that all my coworkers use a Mac so every line of code I write must work on a Mac.
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    We are on a big Dev project here with a 3rd party contractor. They all use Mac's and we use Windows. What a pain in the ass. I am now running Ubuntu in VMware workstation 14. Flawless. I feel that this is the best of both worlds between the camps. I tried both Hyper-V and Virtual Box which are common responses. Beware. The desktop experience of these two is dog shit. VMware and open-vm-tools works best for Dev. ...or deal with the Mac. ...or dual boot. There is no great answer here.
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    I've been using Macbook for one year. It is overpriced shit, but is is good shit.
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    Get an older version, those were better.
    If you are forced to use mac.
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    @dontbeevil right now a big difference that I encountered is with shell scripts: up-to-date bash is not in /bin/bash, GNU coreutils are not available by default, and so on.

    I think I could use a normal laptop and test my shell scripts on an OpenBSD virtual machine (IIRC MacOS is based on OpenBSD). That might work, even though it's an extra step.

    I will try to go that route in the future: right now I feel it's too early. I prefer to deliver results and then complain, rather than the other way round.
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    @Sauruz my coworkers are having those issues too. Some of them (e.g. cannot use dual monitor on battery power) are just "normal", others (e.g. only one screen locked, or random crashes) they say I can avoid them by routinely rebooting MacOS periodically, every 2 or 3 days.

    I could do that... but reopening terminal windows every time is just too painful, especially for my hand. I guess I could look for a terminal app that remember my workspace and so on, but wtf, is it too much to ask for something that works out of the box? Is it possible that every time I have to install all these fucking apps, that I don't even know if I can trust?
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    As long as I could get the zsh shell in a Mac environment I'd probably be okay....I think.
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    @mundo03 I wish I could. All my coworkers except one have older MacBooks with a lot of ports. They have no troubles attaching devices to them.

    If I had one of those, my wtf-per-minute rate would decrease drastically.
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    @starrynights89 until you type "rm abc -r", then you get:

    cannot remove 'abc': Is a directory
    cannot remove '-r': No such file or directory

    And it's at that point that you realize how futile any attempt to make things easier is.
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    @stacked How can you fuck up the Unix environment so badly? Does it have that thing still where you can only run applications in the applications folder and not anywhere else? (It's been a long time since I was in the Mac ecosystem)
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    All the cpns mentioned above are true. I'll just add:
    UX in all Apple products is shit.
    Power button is just above the Delete button.
    Power button is part of the keyboard!!!
    Laptop gets hot in a matter of minutes.
    Extremely sharp edges on the metal chassis of the laptop. It actually fucking hurts.
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    @stacked look like u lost, u can't say it is shit
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    @dontbeevil I've worked in the Windows, Mac, and recently Linux ecosystems. I don't really have a bias, they all have their pros and cons. My biggest issue with macOS is how they treat the end user like a child and hold you back from getting work done. When I was porting an old Unity project to the iPhone, Xcode wouldn't even run until I upgraded macOS from 10.12 to 10.13.

    Yet I can run Visual Studio in either Windows 7, 8 or 10. I get that Apple makes money from hardware not software but it's not easy when you're outside their ecosystem.
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    I’m not going to tell you your wrong, it seems like you have made up your mind, but it also seems like that is your life now.

    So what I will do I quickly suggest ways I have solved some of your issues in my life on a mac. Take or leave them...

    - if your laptop really shits the bed regularly (and it’s not old) then Send that baby back under Apple care. It’s a lemon.

    - the USB-C struggles are real. Just stay strong and don’t forget the adapter πŸ˜”

    - fuck keyboard shortcuts. Use LaunchBar. It takes about a week to learn and then it give you unlimited, scriptable super powers!

    - Windows management is something you will need to buy an app for sadly. There are good options though.

    But overall, from the sounds of the amount of “errors” you seem to be encountering I would suspect that it’s a lemon. AppleCare that baby. Nobody needs errors and restarts.

    Good luck
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    But it looks good. So there's that. :/
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    iShit is a well chosen name, I call it Crapple usually πŸ˜‚
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