One devs commit messages always starts with "Committing changes..."

Oh rly?!

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    Omg, these problems. I feel you.
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    While using TFS for version control a coworker always put the # of the changeset as the comment (e.g. "Changeset 2392"). Thank God we had work items linked to each one, otherwise I would have lost my mind!😣
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    If it increases readability, why not? Especially if it's taken out of context. It's not like you are going to run out of disk space due to excessive use of characters...
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    @Swifticus this one bothers me slightly less, although a comment by each issue code doesn't go amiss XD
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    @gloslistan I don't see how it improves readability, nor does it add any information. It's just noise.
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    @Werchte It's a complete sentence. Otherwise, if you copy the text to somewhere else it wouldn't be obvious any longer...
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    @gloslistan I fail to see how a commit message could be copied somewhere where you wouldn't know it's a commit message you're reading.

    "Add feature XYZ", "Refactor derp class" are also complete sentences, and I don't see how you would misinterpret that sentence as anything else but a commit message.

    But keep writing commit messages like that, and I'll keep ranting about it here 😁
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