While I was searching something specific

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    Well... what IS the function of a newborn baby?? They don’t do anything
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    Have you had a baby recently 😅?
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    so babies are made by functions these days?
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    @baeovvulf mind you it is 'the function *FOR* new born baby' ... I would expect google to return 'FUCK' as the only answer
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    Here's your function:

    function baby(Human.male father, Human.female mother){
    DNA babyDNA = DNA.generate(mother, father);
    int birthdateFactor = 0.9 + (Math.random() * 0.2)
    Human.Indeterminate baby = new Baby(60*60*24*30*9*birthdateFactor, babyDNA);
    return baby;

    I dont have second paramter to this function yet, so I haven't tested this code myself yet.
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    @xzvf oh I see 😂😂
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    Something like this? Will probably also throw some errors.
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    Sorry! I of course meant this (for readability as discussed here https://devrant.com/rants/1520626/...)
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