A typical demo...
Me: We added validation, server communication, caching....
Customer: Meh...
Me: We fixed bugs, sped up queries, implemented X features.
Customer: Meh...
Me: We surpassed the speed of light, transcended to another plane of reality, cured cancer, brought peace to galaxy.
Customer: Meh...

UI Designer: I prepared these sketches for the UI
Customer: Wow, so innovative, look at that beautiful transitions, even mobile design, just wow

Me: * dies *

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    Just tell them you've implemented AI....
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    Also, welcome to devRant!
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    Ah yes, backend development. "What do you do all day? The site looks the same as when you started!"
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    @nzeetee blockchain 😀
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    It usually comes down to explaining to the customer what they get and not what you did, e.g. you sped up queries == they get faster operations => faster interface => profit
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    client of mine asked for a site...
    we (my friend and I) worked insanely hard to make it work like she (client) wanted.
    Everything worked and we made the deadline for the demo.

    After the demo she said: "it looks bad"
    we asked: "why?"
    She said: "It doesn't give me that Apple vibe... you should have looked at their site, their design is just perfect"
    me in my head: "so good looking is worth more than not breaking after a day"
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    @Flygger well put. Sell the benefits.
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    A friend with whom I work on quite some projects now does the front-end, he build the front-end nicely, but without any back-end (which is my part).

    I make a very crude (but intentionally buggy) back-end, then we show it to the customer with the text: "the front-end may look nice, but it's the back-end that can make it or break it"
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    @FinlayDaG33k I'll use my human body analogy again here. The project, website, etc is like a person. The front end is the skin and the backend is the bones and muscles. You could be the buffest person in the world but no one wants to date someone without skin. At the same time, you could have the prettiest skin in the world, but without bones and muscles you can't actually do anything. You have to have both in order to work.
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    @nzeetee Of course, Blockchain Cloud Serverless AI. And the customers get wet =D
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    Did you mention Blockchain?
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