In our morning stand up, dev was bragging about how much code he was refactoring (like over-the-top bragging) and how much the changes will improve readability (WTF does that mean?), performance, blah blah blah. Boss was very impressed, I wasn't. This morning I looked at the change history and yes, he spent nearly two solid days changing code. What code? A service that is over 10 years old, hasn't been used in over 5, mostly auto-generated code (various data contracts from third party systems). He "re-wrote" the auto-generated code, "fixed" various IDisposable implementations and other complete wastes of time. How –bleep-ing needy are people for praise and how –bleep-ing stupid are people for believing such bull-bleep? I think I should get a t-shirt made with a picture of a BS-Meter and when he starts talking, “Wait a sec, I gotta change my shirt. OK…you were saying?”

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    It looks like this dev doesn't know what is used and what isn't.
    You should talk to him and explain that he's been doing useless work.
    Tell him why, and point him to what needs to be done.

    If you can't tell him, explain it to a direct manager, in a friendly way..
    Don't make yourself the bad guy.
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    @forkbomber He's one of the senior developers and very aware that the service is no longer in use (another rant someday on his role of why the service is no longer used), which is why he chose to omit what code he 'refactored'. Not the first time he's glorified BS over real accomplishments and taken credit for others work.
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    I don't know making things better is never bad.
    Maybe point out he's fixing things that where not broken?
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    @PaperTrail in that case, you might want to go public..
    Then again, he might be trying to get fired and then you would be doing him a favour.
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    Sounds like a complete of everyone's time. Either way I'd have to ask him face to face wtf he was thinking.

    Surely there's more pressing things to be doing than reworking code years old that isn't used?

    If he's a senior dev he definitely needs a slap. If he's a junior he needs some guidance imo.

    Unless the said unnecessary refactoring affects something I was doing directly, in a negative way i personally wouldn't bring it up to a manager.
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