That moment when you're so engrossed in your project that you lose track of time. You begin to SEE code irl, not just on screens. Things like hunger, environment and a sense of time fade away. That feeling when the code just works, but better when it doesn't and you figure out a smart fix. Oh gosh ill pay to feel like that all day.

I wrote a shitty layout for an android side project. It haunted me. I could still SEE the shitty xml long after the pc was shut down. I had a nightmare about it and woke up sweating, and all I could see was xml. Fkin xml man. I redid the layout at 3am and boy was i so satisfied.
I think that was just the tetrix effect taking its toll on me.

I always got screwed by parents for being on that machine all day, back in school. But none of that matters now. I can now feel the code running in my veins and flowing into the machine. I can now feel my heart throbbing at the sight of such beauty. They ask how i manage my social life. I say everything goes well until i start a side project, that's when social life gets fucked hard. I think I'm gonna die one day after performing the final commit.

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    Hey, you're doing alright.

    And I get it too. I literally can just be sitting down in a room with a piece of paper and my brain just starts pushing out classes and methods on a blank sheet. I talk to my computer like it's a living person. Praising it when the project is going well and coaxing it when shit hits the fan.

    People tell me my social life has gone down and it has, but fuck it, I'm CREATING THINGS.

    However, I'm going in for some therapy soon because I know this isn't the best way to live, but man, it's hard to get code out of your head.
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    Damn it felt so fkin good to hear that @starrynights89
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    And not the last para. Therapy isn't a joke. Hope u do better. @starrynights89
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    @yatanvesh IMO, 80% of the population on the planet spends an entire lifetime CONSUMING. Tv, video games, food. They go to their jobs and complain about their lives not having purpose.

    Well DUH fuckwit, you don't CONTRIBUTE to anything beyond what your superiors order you to do. I don't need external motivation to do shit, I AM my own motivation.

    In America the number 1 cause of death is obesity. Americans are literally dying from over consuming. It's a fucking travesty and yet they go to ME and say I have a problem.

    Sorry if this sounded harsh. I needed to blow off the steam. :)

    And yeah, I'm going in for appointments this week. I'll get through it. :)
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    That's music to my ears. Blowing off steam is what we guys here wank off to. Isn't that the intended purpose of this platform? @starrynights89
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