I'm developing Android apps for my pastime (student on summer break) and will use my phone for running/debugging apps because my shitty laptop can't run the emulator.
If receive a call when I'm using the phone for debugging, I'm not picking it up. Even if it's a friend with whom I've not spoken in weeks. That call has to wait for my gradle to finish building.
Of course, I try to call back as soon as possible but that sometimes means an hour or two when I decide to get up from my laptop.
I'm not sorry

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    Create an app that sends a message to caller if the phone has connected debugger (or any other indicator you're busy) :D
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    The message will be

    " the developer is busy with gradle build.
    Try not to disturb"

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    @psukys @Santosh62 haha, that's a nice idea! I'll definitely try making that!
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    Whats weak? Ram or processor? I once made an emulator run on very low res mode with 500mb emulator ram, when using a low end machine, on a minimal linux installation.
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    @yatanvesh RAM. I've 4GB of RAM and for Android studio that's the minimum. For the emulator to run smooth, you need at least 6-8 GB. I'd once tried it when my phone's USB port wasn't working properly. It literally froze my PC and took a hell lot of a time just to boot up. They say they've improved the emulator speed but I don't wanna take that risk. It's much easier to just have my mobile close by and debug on it.
    Oh and I'm running windows for the time being so...
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    @yashovardhan99 what happens if you get a call while you are debugging this application tho?
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    @agupta628 I need to disconnect it from the laptop which would mean after the call, I'll have to again wait for the gradle to build.
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    @yashovardhan99 ahh the endless cycle
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