UI/UX Team: "We're using a new piece of software; all you developers can install it, its going to revolutionise our workflow and collaboration"

Me: *checks download page* ... "Only supports MacOS... FFFUUUU"

Where is all the linux love these days -_-

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    😆 designers haha

    so what software is it?
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    I hate it when most of the design tools are only available on macOS 😓
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    I have a feeling the software is Sketch (https://sketchapp.com).
    The team should have probably gone with an alternative like Adobe XD so everyone could use it tho.
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    Try figma
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    The software is Abstract, https://www.goabstract.com/

    It's like a version control system for designs where we can all join and view them or something like that. I wont be though lol.
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    @datitisev if it's sketch he can upload it to www.zeplin.io
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    “Our developers love it because it’s so much like Git. They wish Git worked like this!”
    I guess those developers doesn’t take full advantage of git

    As a sketch file basically is a zip file with content inside it, git and git-lfs would work fine. And the content of the sketch file is json or similar, you could do a diff, fetch the difference and view it (in simple terms)
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    @datitisev was that a pun?
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    @heyheni Yeah Zeplin is great, there are also other alternatives to it.
    There’s even web alternatives to Sketch as well!

    @A-C-E was what a pun? Don’t think I made any pun on purpose anywhere
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