I get about 4-5 hours sleep. Like today: I went to work, made my lunch at work, got changed for football, played football from 7-9pm got home at 9:30, cooked, ate, showered and dried my hair and it's now 1am.

Tomorrow I got football training for another team so again I'll be getting into be at about 1am.

Also I forgot go mention ive got to get up at 6 for work And Friday I have to be at the doctors for 7. Yeyyyyy me!!! Don't even ask me about the weekend...

I feel like this classifies as a rant because I don't get to code at the weekends and it kills me 😡😡 especially when I want to contribute to certain packages and said I would. So fuck you social life. Fuck. You.

Ohhh and those fucking 'friends' that guilt trip you into seeing them because "you haven't seen me in ages 😢😢" there's a reason for that Barbra (keeping her identity secret) I'm fucking depressed and tired. Fuck the fuck right off.

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    And I've just realised it's not even 1am... I'm that tired I can't tell time or I'm on the wrong time zone. SOMEONE HELP MEHHHH I DONT WANT SOCIAL LIFES NO MORE 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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    Weekend coding? Did you already code in the weekdays? /s (yeah i literally and officially dared you to kill me)

    'Bout the rest, it's very awful and now i am ashamed i thought *i* have no social life.

    I srsly wanna help
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    What means bf?
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    Dont know much about your situation to genuinely comment, but from my personal experience, enjoy football(any other sport for that matter) as much as you can..

    I ve spent 6 months without playing, and it sucked.
    Now I appreciate the 3 games I get to play weekly, they might not be at the level I like, but it surely is better than not playing.

    Someone once told me, 'You can't this sport for ever, eventually you will have to stop, so make the most of it while you can.'
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    @rEaL-jAsE and my Mac address? 😂😂
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    @Maroti yeaaa I get that. I'm just exhausted! Done a miles job before we even started training yesterday 😩
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    @bashleigh, well, what I am currently doing to help my situation isn't very easy for me.. So not sure how it will turn out for you.. Anyway if it is of any help..

    I am a night person, and now I try to get up early and do what I would have originally done at night..
    Take a 20 min powernap at work after lunch..
    That leaves me with enough energy to get through the games.. Taking some form of glucose before games on days I don't feel as energetic also helps..

    I try out minor changes here and there but this overall is the best I have got so far..
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    Try to figure out a work-life balance. Hit the brakes and reassess it all and pick what you like to keep and ditch the rest. I have to do this once every few months myself but it helps a bunch.

    I actually keep a pro/con list of activities
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