Hi there fellas,

I'm new to devrant and I'll like to share with you my first story.

It was my first payed job. A good friend of mine (media designer in print) called me "My customer needs a website, do you think you can do that?"
At this time I've never build a single page, so my answer was "Of course, easy-peasy".
She told me it was a family business and a nationwide player in finance sector.

I met the CEO, did my research and build a prototype. Well, the CEO and his staff liked it so I finished the website and prepared for the first review.

I booted the laptop and tried to connect to their network. There was none. They just never had a wireless connection not a single cable in the entire office. That was the time I realized that I work for a family business.
The CEO was an ancient guy who probably saw Jesus Christ hanging on the cross in personal and internet is weird thing controlled by the devil himself.

I took the laptop and went over to the CEOs personal office, plugged the network cable out of his Computer and into the laptop. Finally I could show them what I've done.

He took a look at it and called for his assistant. "Might you print that website for us?" That was my second wtf moment.

The assistant returned with a half chopped down and bleached rainforest that contained an image of their new website.

I tried to tell him that a website on paper can't show him the functions n shit, but he looked at me like I was talking two foreign languages at once.

So we reviewed the website on paper and his one and only problem was the size of the letters. "I can't read it well, please make the text bigger" At this moment I wanted to hit my forehead on the table and tell him that it is normal to have readings difficulties when you are walking the shores of Styx.

At the end everything went well, but I realized that dealing with customers is a lot more difficult than developing something for them. The future should prove me right.

That's it.
My first story about my first job.

Thank you for reading 😊

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    First off, welcome to devRant!😊

    Second... Would you believe me if I told you that we've had clients that have done almost the exact same thing? I feel for you man, some people literally don't understand the technology in today's age. Also that sentence where the CEO probably met Jesus, made me laugh🤣
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    Thank you Rundle 😄
    Yeah I think some of us went through such "bizarre" struggles.
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    @Rundle "some people literally don't understand the technology in today's age"

    And that's a good thing because that's why they pay you. Actually, that's how a work-sharing economy has always been going - the blacksmith didn't know how to tailor, the tailor didn't know how to sow and harvest, and the peasant didn't know how to forge.
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    @Fast-Nop Yes, but the blacksmith knew that the tailor made clothing, and you wear it, you don't nail it to the wall. And the tailor knew that the baker baked bread, to eat, and not to build a house with.

    Point being, MOST 70 year olds cannot comprehend computers and the internet. We're not talking about forging tools on an anvil. The technological advances in the last half of their lifetime are probably 10 fold compared to the advances in the first half of their lifetime.
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    @Rundle Yep, and that means increasing specialisation. That's also why fewer and fewer nobel prizes are won by individual scientists. The other side is of course increasing ignorance in other domains.

    Strangely enough, it's mostly IT folks who think that everyone should have good knowledge of their little domain. I take this as a sign that a lot of IT folks are so ignorant in other domains that they don't even know how ignorant they are. Point in case, so ignorant of economics that even the work-sharing economy is an alien concept to them.
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    This is comedy gold. Thanks for sharing
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    Welcome to devRant! 😊
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    Great rant!
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    I wasn't ignorant at any time. I also used a language my customer could understand, it was plain German and maybe some "special" words that I also translated. Just in case you thought about me writing it.
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    zu viele ältere in D
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    Welcome! Im also new! The ancient part made me laugh too hard! Gold!
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    @KingMilo Welcome :) I'm happy you had a good laugh ^^
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