About a month ago told the director we need our own broadband line instead of sharing the crappy one from the shared office building as we rely on internet for all our systems. He said no because we'd have to pay for it and the shared one is free.

Today the shared internet has gone down and all our systems are inaccessible including the phones. I'm just sat here like "told you so", and there is nothing I can do as have no control of it 👍

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    OK OK ATTENTION POEPLE! Grab your personal smartphones and get the systems back online. Any one whos data volume is used up gets fired. I don't care if it gonna cost you $2000 or $20'000 in cellphone invoice. I'm not gonna pay it! The systems have to be up and running it's your fault and responsibility.
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    @heyheni haha this is exactly what has happened 😂😂
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    @MikeyAlder are you serious? He literally told you guys to hook up the systems to your cell phones' data connections?
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    Well wanted us to use our data to view the cloud services we use. Then was asking if I can use it to connect all the VoIP phones to the net and to get the VPN working for remote working through it
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    @MikeyAlder wow, tethering all the VoIP phones and the VPN through one cell phone's data connection.

    Your director deserves a slap in the face with a rotten shark.
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    A boss that won't pay for bear essentials, will fuck you over in any way possible.

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