The company I used to work for, despite me not working there contacts me to get a verification code because the crappy developer they hired can't change a couple settings on the apple website and add themselves as a developer.

At the start of this all, a couple months back I gave them the code out of courtesy, but at this point, as i'm heavily invested in the development stage of my actual job as a vr developer, I won't take time out of my day to even answer the phone for them.

But what really pisses me off is the person who contacts me, my assumbly best friend, who during the last 12 months has only called me for these codes, so work related shit or just personal shit and never to hang out or play games or generally what we used to do as friends before he got a job at that stupid company doesn't have the balls to tell his boss that i'm busy with my job, that maybe if payment was offered as an incentive that I would be happy to be contacted.

When I left that company I didn't setup anything to make it so they would have to contact me, all I did was add myself as a developer of their app. I also heavily documented everything I did, all the issues I faced and the workarounds I found, and everything including all login information needed to get things working, I went above just "developing" the app I added in all the credits to all work used in the app as partly to make sure we don't get sued for stealing someones work without the right credit.

I hate the fact that I worked for minimum wage and did all of this shit, but I never complained at all about things like the 1 1/2 hour travel time (one way I might add) to my boss, the amount of money I spent on public transportation, the little money left over that I didn't even spend and instead give to my parents.

They know nothing about how hard that year was for me, and if they want to get this code, my so called friend can come chat in person, in his off time and when I'm done working on my own shit and we can discuss terms because this shit is just not fair at all.

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    Just email it and move on.
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    @davehuk but this isn't the first time i've been sent the verification code it's I think the 6 or 7th time now
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    Setup a cron to mail it daily.
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    @Maciek 100% agree
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    @Maciek yeah i'll probably do sometging like that

    @davehuk why should I have to do something like this for them though, I no longer work for them and shouldn't need to spend time doing anything for them especially to setup an automated emailing system when their developer could juat go to the apple website and remove me as a developer and add themselves, it's simple enough to do since I had to do so when I worked for them.

    The other issue here is my friend that works for them, who is supposed to be my best friend, I've known him since my second year of highschool, I guess money and a boss is more important than a personal relationship.
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