Bought me a nice phone charger for just 300€ (350$ USD).
Oh, and it brought a nice usb-c cable too. So happy 😣

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    Busted a brand new phone, got a quote for repair from Sony and they are asking more than I paid for it 😄
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    Nothing makes sense.
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    I can't imagine a phone charger that cost $350, this better be able to charge from 5% to 100% in 1 minute
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    @nbamaral I assume you broke the lcd. If this is correct, buy it from ebay, go to a friendly phonerepair shop around the corner and get things done for the half price quoted by Sony.
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    Ohh so you mean that the phone is of no use now and all you have is the charger. Makes sense. Can you fix it yourself or sell it for someone else to fix?
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    @devTea Guy broke the phone, got a quotr for a repair from the manufacturer that is more than he paid for the phone. It means that he bought a charger for 350$.
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    Is the cable is the charger made of gold or what?
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    Yes, I know, I just bought components for my z1. But this one was from December 2017, it's just to new to find parts. Besides the lcd, they said both the chassis and the main board would have to be replaced. It will sit on a drawer for a while.

    PS - i did measure the charger, it's actually very strong charging my other phones 😀
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    What the hell kind of phone charger costs that much? Does it drive your car for you too? Power your house in the event of a power outage?
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