Does anyone know a provider for webhosting with this needs?

- decently priced (~4€/month)
- domain included
- email stuff included
- no analytics/cookie stuff from the provider (that's the point of change)
- easy sftp access
- ssl included

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    I can recommend flokinet.is . They slap on Let's Encrypt automatically and for free incl. renewal also for shared hosting, and that would meet your price range. No cookies or analytics on your website unless you add them yourself. Dunno about sftp, I'm using Cpanel for upload and email.

    If you choose Iceland as location, you also get great freedom of speech, better than US or EU.

    Uptime for shared hosting is typically in the 99.5% range over one month.
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    I would recommend Hetzner.de and Strato.de. Both have a very competent support and the price-performance ratio is very good. For Managed Webhosting I would recommend Strato and if you want to host it yourself Hetzner
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    You can take the starter package for 4€/month, including SSL, Domain, Mail and SSH access.
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    @kimb strato includes ssl? That's new. I quit working with them, because they weren't able to provide me what i paid for.
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    Not sure about every point, but you could look into netcup.de
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    I can recommend Serverprofis.de, moved many clients there..and e1 is happy so far.

    Can also recommend https://wint.global ...they have a decent package for 1€ month for "startups"

    Both have good panels available.
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    Uberspace is a german provider with pay what you want.
    € 1.50 is minimum, € 5 is recommended, but you can choose € 4.00 as well (or € 100 if you want).

    You got ssh, scp, sftp but no ftp or telnet.
    Everything is configured via shell, including mail forwarding or configuration.

    They run multiple php versions on current CentOS.

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    @KittyMeowstika Yes, strato supports SSL, one single domain certifcate is included, more and wildcards can be purchased.
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