One guy asked me which notebook I would recommend to him. Then he wrote that he likes macbook air because it is thin but he is afraid of system which called iOS and he doesn't know if he can crack games on mac.

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    As if there are no other thin notebooks, wtf. Tell him to go to any store and look around. I don't understand peoples obsessions with thin things.
    I'm aways worried that i might break them and I also like it to have normal ports on my computers without having to buy and carry around adapters.
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    Yep buut here is that thing... He want to be a "hacker"😄 and he asked me if it works like: You put USB into notebook and on another PC you can see how much have you hacked?... O My God... that is unbelievable... I hope I did not do this kind of things in my past. @hasu
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    Macbook air runs macOS not iOS.
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    @helloworld I know that...
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    @naktop3031 explain stuff to him, in simple language. Do this once. If he still persists in acting like an idiot then tell him to fuck off.
    Or convince him to learn how.to use a bloody search engine.
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    @helloworld I was about to say it's no longer Mac OS X but only OS X but I looked it up and now they are calling it macOS .... 👏 way to go apple, confusing the shit out of people
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    @RememberMe Thanks that is good advice.. I will.. I hope he will understand...
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