New war idea: CRLF vs LF?

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    Instant: marked as offensive 😉
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    This reminds me of a unit test I found I in another team's product.
    This unit test checked whether a component was able to generate a specific html body with line breaks in it.

    So this unit test failed each time a dev pushed the unit test file with CRLF instead of LF.

    I helped 'em out as I added a helper function to assert this shit by removing all line breaks and tabs before equals assertion in expected and actual....

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    Not new
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    What, exactly, is the point of a carriage return?
    They are NEVER used by themselves.
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    The carriage must return so you can type your first letter at the beginning of the page.
    Otherwise the carriage will remain on the same position and you can only write a bunch of letters on the same position on the right hand side in the next line.

    Sometimes, the world's that easy :P
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    @TylerDDevRant I know what CR and LF do.
    The point I was making is they ARE NEVER USED BY THEMSELVES. EVER.

    Okay, LF is used as both on gnu/linux and bsd and all variants thereof. But their original uses? By themselves? Never. You don't see a lone CR even on windows.
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