So here's where I'm at:
I was just offered a position as employee #5 at a small startup in my area with stock options. I've never experienced this before and I'm unbelievably anxious. On the one hand I genuinely believe in their solution/product and can see it being successful. On the other hand I know there's a huge risk associated with joining the company at that stage. Heck, they're still only going for their seed round in Q2 of next year! Meanwhile I'm working comfortably in an intermediate full stack dev role with 150+ people where I feel that I can be as much/little seen as I want. In other words I could probably coast for several years (and maybe slowly move up) without any trouble.

Has anyone else gone through this before? The opportunity could be huge but it feels like I'm rolling the dice... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Is the startup salary enough to live off of?

    How important is a stable income to you?
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    @Stuxnet the salary is better than the one I have now. I'm just considered about the stability of the company since they could theoretically disappear overnight.
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    @fffrrraaannnkkk For me, the "what if" factor of a startup doesn't outweigh the stability of another job.

    I could become a millionaire but I'd much rather just have a comfortable and stable income.
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