I'm currently on my way to Japan on vacation.
This is how it went so far:
😁 - Arriving at airport early and excited
🤔 - Find out our flight is delayed. Oh well it might now be by a lot
😥 - Find out that it's 2 hours delayed and we will miss our next flight
😤 - Arrive at Frankfurt airport, and stands in line for 2 hours to the service desk
😡 - Arrive at service desk to get told that we have to go to a special service desk to get rebooked
🤬 - Get a ticket with our number in the queue. 125 people in front of us.
😴 - 4 and a half hour later, get get informed we will need to stay at a hotel for the night, and that we'll be flying at 6 pm the next day
😑 - Get to hotel and crashes (this is by 1 am now)
🤬 - Wakes up 6 hours later because we have a room right next to a construction site

Pro tips for Lufthansa and the imbeciles in their management and staff:
1. Inform people. You fucking knew the flight was this delayed, and you could actually have given people a choice at the beginning of their travel.
Now you had to put 100+ people in a hotel.

2. Bring food to people. Spending so much time in an airport leaves people very hungry. (Pssst, chocolate, candy and French potatoes are NOT food)

All in all, just fuck Lufthansa and their handling of this situation.

Fucking great start to the vacation. I'm already more exhausted than if I just went to work...

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    Even my vacation started something like this

    Very excited, I reached airport 4hrs before the flight ,
    After 3hrs, there was announcement stating it's delayed by 2hrs,
    Then after 2hrs again same,
    Then after 2hrs again same,
    Then after they said it's rescheduled from 2:30 to 00:00 !!
    (I had other flight at 05:00 (next day))
    They told there is a flight going to the same destination from another city which is 400km away.
    They arranged a SUV for 8 ppl and thier luggage to that city, and board that flight!
    In the end that flight was delayed for us, we got special entry in security check, and the aircraft!

    I didn't have my lunch , dinner and breakfast.
    The breakfast on airlines was so bad ,I Do not consider it as food!
    Lost sleep (I don't mind ,still)
    Horrible start for nice vacation.
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    Kein Wunder wenn jeder das mit sich machen lässt.
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    @theKarlisK lol! I guess so
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    @Nawap that sucks man 😑
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    @taho101 this wasn't out fault though 😑 But it sucks either way
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    @NoMad Well, we rarely travel international, so we haven't had any prior experience with Lufthansa. And no matter what, it can't really be blamed on us. The cheapest flight next to this was 50% more, so naturally we didn't choose that.
    23 kg is plenty for us. I think I have approximately 13kg luggage 😅
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    Turkish FTW. I have had the best experience with them. Not with Lufthansa. That are a mess. Not recommend it.
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    Psh, chocolate is the ONLY food you need
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    @iKameo They did not provide food. Nuts and chocolate is not food.
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    @iKameo For real? Yep, that's bullshit. We were over 200 people waiting and starving for 6 hours because they only had nuts :(
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