2 weeks ago I ask my coworker, who btw hates me and try to sabotage me every time he can, for a login for our brand new dev-system (webserver + dbserver).

I needed 8 days until he told me "no, work on the test envoiriment".

I escalated it to my boss, but he told me "no time, do as he says"...

Well okay.

So 3 days ago our bosses boss boss came to me and told us to do this very very important things - or we all will be in HUGE trouble and someone gets fired.
So I do it, I work as hard as I can, finished yesterday.

Today my coworker decides to play with the testsystem, because it is a testsystem, and boooom - accidentally kills a few databases and stuff for this very importent thing. Non recoverable.

And that is, guys, why you never work on testsystems.

He will get fired friday.


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