Sometimes I am so motivated .Today I tried coding in car .(I was in backseat)
20 min: Damn,my eyes hurt😞
40 min: Why do I feel dizzy😵
50 min : Oooh...I feel like puking.🤢
51 min : Dad......Stop the caaa....
Nothing I'm done
Lesson learned

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    I have such pathetic traveling sickness I can't even use my phone in the car 😅 opening my laptop ...not even in my wildest dreams 😥
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    I occasionally code on my phone with a bluetooth keyboard. haha
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    Yup... That was the first thing I thought about .....😂😂 @marcerisson
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    Coding on phone..... Wow yaar.. cool
    I 've never tried it@Root
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    I cant imagine how life would be if I had travelsicknes.
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    It's so stupid to travel like 5 hours doing nothing
    My life's so miserable....@Codex404
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    @Arjit talking with other travelers?
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    I hope u never get to the puking stage., it's so stupid man...@ThreadRipper
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    Ya...good idea
    I just don't know how to do it ...😂😂@Codex404
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    @ThreadRipper Actually it makes sense, because it is caused by your brain not being able to perceive your moving, while you are physically moving. That is why it is called motion sickness.

    Unfortunately, we all have to keep an eye to the road for a while, then do stuff. Front/back seat usually doesn't matter if you are not looking to the road for an hour.

    It will never happen while you are driving because your brain knows about movement completely.
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